Built in 1910

the Station was demolished in 1936
in order to build a larger Hotel.

station Hotel

A warm friendly welcome awaits you

17th Jul, 2015

Meal and Medium with David Maddock

31st July 2015
Two course dinner and demonstration of mediumship with our guest medium David Maddock. £17.00 per person. David discovered his gift of mediumship after leaving school. He has spent the last few years trying various ways to develop and grow, including tarot and angel cards, but he found that before even looking at the chosen cards, he could tell the person certain information about their lives
He has also been to spiritual and development circles and by going there he realised that this was his path in life. Helping people, comforting people and connecting them to their loved ones is what he believes he has been given this gift for.

A warm friendly welcome awaits you
at Station Hotel