Built in 1910

the Station was demolished in 1936
in order to build a larger Hotel.

station Hotel

A warm friendly welcome awaits you

30th Oct, 2015

Meal and Medium with ‘Mystic Kaz’

30th October 2015

Two course dinner and an evening with our Guest Medium ‘Mystic Kaz’

£17.00 per person, call 01384 253418 to book your place now.

“As a child I could sense my late father around me and feeling his love for me. My first encounter with the actions of a spirit was in a friends home from my school days and this spirit took one of the candle sticks off from the fireplace, this was just to show he/she was in the room. It was only later in my life that I had the opportunity to develop my abilities and every medium works differently in comparison to each other working mediums. When spirit are around me I tend to have a tingling sensation upon my ears, a bubbling feeling from in my stomach and usually when it’s my past loved ones around me I feel a warm aura surrounding me like a blanket of love.”

A warm friendly welcome awaits you
at Station Hotel